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Absolute leaders: Ronaldo scores hat-trick against Atletico

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Real Madrid crushed city rivals Atletico with a stunning 1-4 win. And the Portuguese striker was simply brilliant.

Cristiano Ronaldo netted three impressive goals, the first one with a beautiful free kick. And he also assisted Jose Callejon, who fired the last one.

Atletico was no match for the powerful rival. Adrian, Falcao and Diego fought hard to damage Madrid but it was useless. The equalizer netted by Falcao was just a temporary illusion.

Now Ronaldo and his teammates remain four points ahead at the top of the table. Barcelona must work really hard to keep the hope alive.

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Cristiano played his game number 100 with Real Madrid

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Gonzalo Higuain was the absolute star of the 4-1 win over Betis, but this game was important for Cristiano Ronaldo for another reason: it was his game 100 with Real Madrid.

The victory was a great result and even when Ronaldo could not score, he assisted Higuain twice. Kaka brilliantly netted the other goal for Real Madrid and Jorge Molina netted the honour goal for Betis.

Mourinho's team holds the second place of the Spanish League with 16 points, just one behind Barcelona.

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Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Messi was the hero in Barça's 2-0 win

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Barcelona has more than one foot in the Champions League final at Wembley. Lio Messi scored two superb goals against Real Madrid and helped his team get a 0-2 win in the third "clasico" of the month.

Now Mourinho's team must go to the Camp Nou and get at least a 3-0 to win the leg. The Portuguese coach said it is "obviously not hard. It's impossible". Mou also complained about the referee and the red card for Pepe.

Cristiano Ronaldo had just a regular performance, and he could not lead his team to victory. But it's also fair to mention that Adebayor, Di María and the other strikers didn't have a good game either. 

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Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: acid words between Guardiola and Mourinho

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Guardiola and his squad are already in Madrid to face their classic rival. This Real Madrid - Barcelona duel will be the third "clasico" in this month, and the winner will be closer to the Champions League semifinal.

Yesterday we could hear the ironic words of Jose Mourinho, who said that "Guardiola is part of a group of coaches that criticizes good referees, a group with only one person: him".

Today, Josep Guardiola blasted against the Portuguese coach: "In this room he is the f* boss and the smartest one. He has already won his particular 'Champions' off the pitch. But tomorrow we will face on the pitch, where we will try to play real football."

As for the main players in each team, Cristiano Ronaldo, Özil and Di María will be starters in Real Madrid. Barcelona will have Messi, Xavi and Puyol, but Iniesta will miss the match.

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Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Ready to win Copa del Rey

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Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of Real Madrid team is already in the city of Valencia. After training at the Mestalla Stadium, they are ready to face Barcelona for the second time in four days.

The Copa del Rey will have a new champion tomorrow, and this will be one of the most interesting finals in many years. Both Guardiola and Mourinho have admitted that anything could happen. Their most important stars - Messi and Ronaldo - will be vital to get the triumph.

Only a few hours before the game, fans are already arriving at the stadium, and many reporters from all around the world are waiting to see yet another "clasico".

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Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Ronaldo scores equalizer in 1-1 draw

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Morale boost for Real Madrid to face the rest of the derbies. Cristiano Ronald reminded Barcelona that Messi was not the only one of his kind on the field. The Portuguese footballer scored Madrid's equalizer with a penalty shoot, and the game finished with a 1-1 draw.

Lio Messi scored the opener with another penalty in minute 53, after a clear foul of Albiol against David Villa. And ten minutes before the end, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 1-1 for Madrid.

The Spanish League is almost decided after this result. Guardiola's side are just a few inches away from the title, and is virtually impossible for Madrid to steal the crown from them. But the next three "clasicos" are even more important: The Copa del Rey Final and the Champions League semis. We will have plenty of excitement in the next 18 days.

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