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Cristiano Ronaldo wants a even better contract with Manchester United

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As we know, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the highest paid player at Old Trafford, having signed a £120,000-a-week, five-year contract in April 2007.

But the player's agent, Jorge Mendes, believes the 23-year-old warrants a pay rise, having been named FIFpro World Player of the Year and now favourite to pick up the prestigious European and World Player of the Year awards in the coming weeks.

A statement from Mendes' company, Gestifute, expressed: "It is normal that a footballer wants a deal to go with his status and one that matches his performance on the field.

"But nobody has prepared anything concrete. We want to avoid any rumours in the press and we do predict a meeting with Manchester United to speak about the future of Ronaldo, but still there is not an exact date."

This announcement has been treated with surprise and suspicion by United, who are reluctant to offer Ronaldo a wage increase so soon after he spent last summer angling for a move to Real Madrid.

The portuguese player will have to prove his commitment to United before an improved deal is placed on the table, and even then it is unlikely to be anywhere near the £150,000 a week Real Madrid offered him just five months ago.

Reports, however, suggest United chief executive David Gill will open discussions with Mendes at the end of the season, for fear Ronaldo may buy himself out of his current agreement if a new deal is not agreed by summer 2010.

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