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Cristiano Ronaldo crashes £200,000 Ferrari in tunnel

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The popular Cristiano Ronaldo apparently has a dangerous speed even off the football field. Indeed, he wrote off his red Ferrari today after colliding with a barrier on his way to training with the Manchester United team.

As we know, the front of the £200,000 599 GTB model was crumpled in the smash and one of its wheels lay 200 yards behind the battered vehicle in a tunnel near Manchester airport this almost tragic morning. Fortunately, the player didn't suffer any injury.

A witness claims that the Portugal international walked away from the wreckage with no sign of injury. “It is amazing he got out of it without a scratch,” said the man who asked not to be named.

Jody Lomax, a driver who was behind the Ferrari in the 60mph tunnel that worms its way beneath Manchester Airport, said: “It went straight into the wall.

“I saw that the front left-hand wheel came off. When Ronaldo got out of the car I was shocked. He was all right, he was walking. He was obviously shaken – who wouldn’t be? But it’s a shame about the car.”

Indeed, the front of the red Italian sports car was virtually demolished. Ronaldo clambered out and walked to a path to raise the alarm by mobile phone.

He was breath-tested by police but the test was negative. Cristiano Ronaldo was then given a lift to training by United goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar, who had been behind Ronaldo in his Bentley and saw the accident. Staff at the ground said Ronaldo did not seem bothered by the crash. A source said: “There wasn’t a scratch on him. He told us it was an accident.”

A smiling Cristiano drove himself home in a Bentley once training finished. And police officers said that no other vehicle was involved in the car accident.

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