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Adebayor talks about Cristiano Ronaldo

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Emmanuel Adebayor assured that he is not a problematic footballer. He also stated that is an honor to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

It had been a month since the last time a Real Madrid player spoke in a press conference. And it was Adebayor, the new striker in Madrid, the one to make the difference. He was eager to talk about his first days at Real Madrid and the adaptation process.

"Actually, I played against some of the players in this squad before. IT's really easy for me to be here, adapting to the lifestyle in Spain. I have no problems with communication because most players speak english."

He also mentioned that in his opinion, Cristiano Ronaldo receives too many fouls from the rivals. "He is a strong player who works in the gym everyday, which makes him a good player. So, everybody wants to stop him at any cost."

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